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Nashville DA Vows No More Low-Level Pot Prosecutions

Prosecutors in Nashville, Tennessee will no longer file criminal charges for possession of less..

The Harvest Trademark is an Ongoing Point of Contention in the U.S. Cannabis Market

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote about the uptick in cannabis business suing one another for..

Dixie Brands To Rebrand Name, Distancing From Historical Context

Denver, Colorado-based edible juggernaut Dixie Brands released a statement that the company wil..

Cannabis 10x is the Shark Tank of Weed and They are Back for Round Two

Virtual Capital Pitch Events attract Cannabis Wealth for capital raises. “There was serious ..

Can Cannabis Help Balance Cholesterol Levels? – A Detailed Breakdown of Weed and Cholesterol Readings

In the ever-expanding world of medical marijuana, different medicinal benefits of cannabis hav..

How Can Cannabis Support Regenerative Agriculture?

While the varying amount of applications of the cannabis industry cannot be overestimated, one..

Illinois Suspends Deadline to Issue Cannabis Licenses

This week, Illinois announced that the state is temporarily suspending the deadline it had plan..

Cannabis Activists In Arizona And Nebraska Set To File Legalization Petitions

Activists in Arizona plan to submit petitions this week that would put a proposal to legalize t..

West Virginia To Revisit Medical Cannabis Lab Applications

Monday, June 29, West Virginia officially announced the plan to reopen their application proces..

Oregon Psychedelics: Psilocybin on the Ballot this November!

On June 29, the folks at “Yes On IP 34” announced that the Psilocybin Therapy Initiative wi..